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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

There are many types of success.  We have chosen this page to feature our medical success stories.

To see other success photos please see our Postcards from Home page.

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Coconut was brought into the shelter with the worst matting we had seen in a long time. He also needed an eye surgery. Coconut is living the good life in North Raleigh and always gets the grooms he needs.

Cocoa Puff

It is so obvious when a dog has been hit and abused. Cocoa Puff had been badly abused and needed to get some help. His foster mom taught him that people were nice and helped him gain some confidence. Cocoa Puff had a ton of applications but we knew we had to find the perfect one for him and it finally arrived. Cocoa Puff will never feel pain from a human again.


When we first saw Cienna at the shelter she was so skinny we called her bag o bones. She weakly crawled out of the shelter.. but even when she was healthy she was still crawling. Seems Cienna's back legs were funky.. there is just no other way to explain it. Surgery was out of the question, said the specialist at the vet she went to physical therapy.. but the physical therapist said there wasnt really anything they could do too. So Cienna stayed medicated until she could build up her muscles. Cienna will never be perfect.. well she is perfect to her new mom.


Charley was in intense pain because he was completely full of stones and unable to go potty. We knew this was an emergency situation and got him to the vet immediately. Charley had 2 surgeries to remove his stones and it was just intime. His family had just started their search for the perfect family member and Charley was it.


Casey's mom could no longer take care of her because she no longer remembered her. As her memories quickly faded someone stepped in and brought Casey to the shelter. Casey was beside herself with worry so we knew we had to save her and let her have a new beginning. Casey was spotted in our vet's lobby the first day we pulled her and the rest is history. Casey will never be forgotten again.

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