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Animal Success Stories

There are many types of success.  We have chosen this page to feature our medical success stories.

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Eula Mae

Eula Mae got dumped.. because her mom got a boyfriend and she was just a waste of time. So eventhough there as a small child involved Eula Mae had to go because she interferred in the moms social life. No worries Eula Mae has a new little girl and a family that understands how important she is and will never dump her.


Oh no.. I was in the shelter and I was walking funny. Dogs dont get out the shelter with families if they walk funny. I really needed an FHO. My foster mom saw me and said 'Yes'.. so I got my surgery and I got a family. I am tickled!


Emmett was found running in traffic in Holly Springs with a wire tied around his neck and a very damaged eye. We arent sure what caused the damage to his eye but it could not be saved. Emmett was in horrible condition when he was rescued and it took many weeks for him to be ready for adoption but we thought surely when he was ready we would have tons of applications for a cute one eyed shih tzu but it was not to be. It took many months for the perfect application for Emmett to arrive but when it did we packed Emmett in the car and drove him to his new home in Fayetteville.

Eliza Jane

Eliza Jane was found on the side of the road in a ditch. We have no idea how long she laid there before someone stopped but when she was so skinny and her leg was injured so we think she may have been hit by a car and she was only able to eat what was in the ditch near her. It took many surgeries to save her leg but we were not able to save her entire foot. She doesnt seem to miss it much. Eliza Jane will always be thin but her family doesnt seem to mind at all.


Edna and Gretchin were just 2 of 9 chihuahua's dumped in a neighborhood. By the time animal control got to the site one chihuahua had already been hit by a car and they were only able to catch 7. We knew that this pair must be adopted together but would there be a family that would take on 2 homeless girls? Yes...we are happy to report both girls are adopted and still together.

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