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Animal Success Stories

There are many types of success.  We have chosen this page to feature our medical success stories.

To see other success photos please see our Postcards from Home page.

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Moomar had what is called happy tail syndrome. It is when a dog wags his tail a lot in a small space. The tail beats against the walls and starts to bleed which then just slings blood everywhere. We hoped getting him out of the shelter his tail would heal but Moomar had a way of banging his tail on nearly everything. Soon we realized we needed to remove his tail. His new home reports he just wiggles his entire back end now that he is without a tail


While checking out of the shelter one day Montel's mom walked in with him in a crate. She said she couldnt take care of him anymore. He was so afraid and just shook. We knew that if he growled or snapped he would be put down so we worked with him for over an hour before we wrapped him in a blanket for his shots. We took no chances that we could get him out of there. Once out of the shelter he proved to be the best little boy and his new family thinks so too.


Mona came from a rural shelter and she smelled like it. On the way home we rode with the windows open and our heads out of the window. She had so much hair and it was in tight matts. While shaving her down we literally found a dead roach trapped in one of her matts. It was beyond disgusting. Mona had a long road ahead of her but as soon as a long time adopter saw her she knew Mona was going to be her dog. Mona looks and acts like a princess now and no one knows about her stinky roach fur!


Milla had been adopted from the shelter and brought back when she started to have a cold. She was then placed in quarantine which means 'rescue only'. We made a few emergency phone calls and Millas foster mom jumped in her car and raced to the shelter. Milla proved to be the perfect little puppy and soon had many homes to pick from.


Mikimoto had an attitude and dogs with attitudes do not make it out of the shelter. We promised that we could handle her attitude and we did. We also found her a home that understood little dogs can have big attitudes and to not let her good looks fool you.

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