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  Search Successes
Animal Success Stories

There are many types of success.  We have chosen this page to feature our medical success stories.

To see other success photos please see our Postcards from Home page.






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Sady was at a rural shelter and ready to bust! Soon after arriving at her foster home she gave birth to a cute family of puppies. After her puppies were adopted Sady found a loving family of her own.


Sabre was found stray.. he was completely matted and couldn't even see his hair had matted over his eyes. Sabre was also very skinny. Sabre needed a few weeks in foster care but his forever home was found as soon as he was available.


Sassy was so shy and scared in the shelter she was labeled 'rescue only'. We love those types of dogs so of course we pulled her. One day while sitting out by the pool her foster mom started talking to another family and Sassy was just the dog they were looking for. You never know who is looking for a dog unless you talk to them.. That is what got Sassy her home.


Spring and her owner were in a terrible car accident. Her owner was in a coma at a local hospital so Spring went to the shelter eventhough she was hurt also. We waited and hoped that Springs owner would get better and be able to rescue Spring but it wasnt looking good. The shelter finally released Spring to us and we took care of all of her medical needs. We hoped that someone would come to love Spring as much as her former owner and we did. One day an application arrived from a family of 8! Spring loved all the adopted children and just blended right in.


Sunkist was ready to pop and no one was going to adopt a dog that pregnant from the shelter. No one knew what to do. This wasnt a shelter we normally covered but something about her 'spoke' to this foster mom and she made the trip out there. So Sunkist and the soda puppies became SPARR dogs. Around every St Pattys day we think about the soda puppies and Sunkist and how the foster mom loaded her van and made the 2 hour journey to save them.

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