Sound Pet Animal Rescue
PO Box 755
Knightdale , NC 27545

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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless pet.  Our dogs have come to us through the shelter system.  Some have arrived as strays, some have been abandoned by their owners but all have been let down by people somewhere in their past.  Now they are living with us as part of a family.  They are happy and loved, no longer scared, no longer hungry, no longer alone.

If you are not willing to make a commitment for the rest of their lives; which may include job changes, family changes, home changes, good times and bad, please do not fill out an application.

If you have not discussed adopting another family member with your significant other please do not fill out an application until you have both reached an agreement.

If you are planning a trip soon and will not be ready to adopt until you return please do not fill out an application until you return.  Sometimes adoptions move fast so don't apply until you are ready.


Our dogs are waiting to give you a lifetime of love please be prepared to receive it!