Sound Pet Animal Rescue
PO Box 755
Knightdale , NC 27545

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  Sound Pet Animal Rescue


Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral (SPARR) was founded in January 2006 as an all-breed animal rescue. We went through a slight name change in the middle of 2013 to Sound Pet Animal Rescue (SPAR). Our mission is to rescue dogs from the regional shelters and find them permanent loving homes.  Our secondary mission is to rescue injured, ill and unfortunate dogs from the regional shelters.   We work closely with the medical staff at the shelters.  When an injured or ill dog arrives at their facility we are often called. We provide the needed medical care that the shelters are unable to provide.  Dogs that would never make it to the floor for adoption at the public shelter are given the best quality of care and a loving home.

bumpers face

Bumpers while in the rescue.


Bumpers Bumper

Bumpers had horrible injuries to his hind end.



Bumpers happy in his new home! Happy and healthy!