Sound Pet Animal Rescue
PO Box 755
Knightdale , NC 27545

  Search Successes
If you have adopted through Sound Pet Animal Rescue, we would love to have a photo of
your new family member at home. Please send them to
Elf playing with his sister Stinkerbelle! Gracie & Nellie May (formerly Oprah & Whitney) have matching PJs.
Lugnut is now named Sawyer        Annie has all the love she deserves!
Bailee is all snuggly in his new home.    Max loves his new brother George
Tessa loves her Howl a ween costume! Max is ready for a Vermont Christmas.
Belle's family always takes the best photos!
Hoagie with Santa! The Hairless Chis have a new friend to keep them warm
candy/lola Gingerxmas
Lola formerly Candy                         Ginger is ready for winter
Cowboy Jo is now named Ollie and looks just like his mom Tobi Jo.         Bumpers is now named Rocky.  No more bald spots!
Licorice/sydney  KKay
Licorice is now named Sydney ~             Kaylin is all grown up.
JakeMrG GG 
Jake is such a handsome boy.                                             The Brogden Bunch keep a close eye on GiGi
RocconIssa nacho
Rocco and Issabelle  ~                                                               Cocoa Puff is now named Nacho. 
  Bentley is happy in his new home....                                           Sylvester is now named Charley
SadiePC Nelliegracie
Sadie in her new home.                                                                      Nellie and Gracie formerly Whitney and Oprah
Pres and Casey   Balto
Preston and Casey stop in for a visit~                                                  Balto and his mom are so happy together
Chandler and Sam ElmerPC
Chandler with his new big sister Sam ~                                                                Roo Roo loves her new brother Elmer!
griffonpc AlfiePC
Griffon with his new look.~                                                                    Gretzky is now named Alfie         
KeggerOakleyPC NathanPC
Kegger with his sister Phoenix~ Beautiful photo of Nathan!
ChloeTJPC MRgoodbarPC
Tobi Jo now named Chloe             Mr. Goodbar is now named Jake
CinnamonandPancakePC  ottoPC
Cinnamon & Pancakeoften visit each other for play dates. Otto Mon Dozer sleeping peacefully in his new home
TaylorPCPeca home
Taylor giving the 'look' ~Peca and her new brother stop by for a visit.
HunterPC   BeccaPC
Hunter protecting his home from stuffed toys ~Becca happy in her new home!
Whitney now named Nellie May        Webster with his mom
Abner park  bumpersPC
Abner happy at the dog park!   Bumpers at his new home!
Sweetart is now named Pip~ Ava with her new dad David.
Tori PC  Espn aka Cole
Tori (one of the VA puppymill dogs)     Cole is now named Espn. 
Gracie 1 year in her home!    FiFi with a new look in her new home!
noodlespostcard Sophie AKA Roxy
Noodles is now Satchel ~Roxy  Jo (one of Tobi Jo's puppies) is now named Sophie
Samantha still has her Blue eye! Diesel is now Henry & happy in his new home!
Linguine molly
Linguine playing with foster sister Rosie ~ Molly in her blissful new home.
Harrison at his new home.         Wellington is now Taylor Made .
Boudreaux begging his mom Mikki to let him go to work with her.
Rosie Bubba
Rosie enjoying her new home ~Mikey formerly Bubba with his family
Madison and chewchi chloeannabelle
Madison and Chew Chi               Chloe formerly Annabelle
Nathan and harley rufus and wally
Nathan with brother Harley      Rufus and his brother Wally
Ginger with her family Belle with her family
Ginger formerly Virginia with her family       Belle with her family
Charlie with Rosie emerson with mom
Charlie with his sister Rosie   Emerson with her mom
duke at halloween Dudley with brother
Super dogs Duke and Gus                         Dudley with his brother
Joey with family frassy with mom
Joey formerly Forrest with his family         Sassafrass at home
Josie formerly Vienna Krieger on beach
Josie formerly Vienna with her family           Kreiger at the beach
Lainey with family Maggie
Lainey formerly Rosemary at home        Maggie at home
Mikimoto Mercedes at home
Mikimoto 1 year in her home    Merci with her sister Angel
Brindle at home franklin at home
Brindle at home                         Franklin in FLA.
Heinz Gracie at home
Heinz with his family Gracie formerly ~Oprah at home
Haley with sister Kylie with brother
Haley formerly Harley ~Kylie formerly Sydeny with her brother
lovie/piper  moomar at home
Piper formerly Lovie with her family ~Moomar relaxing in his home
otis Tabouli with Cho
Otis with his family    Tabouli formerly Grace with her brother Cho
rico Madison
Rico bass fishing                           Madison in her new home
Pepper Mau aka Willy
Pepper with her family                       Willy formerly Mau
Nola aka Roxy quincy with cooper
Roxy formerly Nola       Quincy with his brother Cooper
polly now sugar zamboni
Sugar formerly Polly              Zamboni playing with Honey
Safron aka Roni Waldo aka Jake
Saffron the super dog                                Waldo is now Jake
zen with boomer sully
Zen with his brother Boomer                          Sully and Sam
Pecan Freckles
Pecan happy in Canada, eh?             Freckles finally home
Stanley ranger aka obi
Stanley and family       Obi formerly Ranger with his mom
Winston playing on the beach            Addison with her family
Savannah kegger Oakley
Savannah is daddy's girl                Oakley formerly Kegger
Hudson and adell Jake
Hudson and Adell!  Jake is now Maris and loves his brother Yogi
montana Sarah
Montana at home          Sarah with her mom
Tosca aka mckenzie Satia
Tosca formerly MacKenzie          Satia at work with her mom
Sugar Wilson
Pretty girl Sugar                             Handsome Wilson
tanner tucker
Great shot of Tanner                        Silly Tucker
williams Kaberle
Williams is now Alex               Kaberle is now Rudy