Sound Pet Animal Rescue
PO Box 755
Knightdale , NC 27545

  Search Successes

WOW so many postcards! We have had to add a page.  Be sure to keep sending in

those photos.  We love them.  (



Jester's Christmas photo looks super cute! 




Thorne now named Dakota is happy with his family


SophieZoey  BuddiePC

Zoey now named Sophie with her new family      Buddie happy in his new home


Tigger HohoHoagie

Tigger now Riley with Nala                         Hoagie with Santa

JB  sophiesquirt

JB and her new proud pappa        Sunkist's puppy Squirt (Sophie) is all grown up

steelersam Major 6

Sam love his new home and the Steelers  Major is majorly happy and now named Toby


RemiPC  Masonfall

Remi and her mom Bryce                        Chance (Mason) and his brother The Bear



Jolene spoiled?  No way ;)                     Eula Mae now called Ginger helps with homework



Parker Wayne and his new mom                       Higgins with his new family



1 cute dog for 1 cute couple                       Maggie loves her new dad and her new boat.



Vinnie happy in his own home!                       Hannah and her new big brother Texan


Brandy HallieHenry was Chance

Brandi is now Hallie and happy at home      Chance now Henry comfy on the couch



Mason is doing well in his new home.            Ginger Ale now named Sasha loves the beach


louisaBailee and Doodles

Lipton is now named Louisa.                            Bailee and his new sis Doodles



GIGI makes Poms look like Chows                      Sophie is such a baby:)



bugsyBDAY  bugsylila

Bugsy celebrates his 1st birthday!            Bugsy loves his sister Lila.



Bayleigh (sunkist) is a special therapy dog.





MiMi stopped by to say HI.            Nico has a dog bed fit for a king.


Saffron is all grown up              Mary Tyler is now Sabrina

Chloe JOBrussels

Tobi Jo is now Chloe     The Brussels are happy in their new home



Harry is so happy to be home          Simba at home with his mom Judy

JasperPickles n Family

Dr Pepper's (now Jasper)                         Pickles Collete is part of the family

first night at home


Taylorbypool  hopebiscuit

Taylor is so spoiled!  We are so happy for him!  Hope with her new mom and brother.


Maggie formerly Millie is taking great care of her foster sister Copper Penny

Otto RopeBailee at home

Otto loves his toys! and his mom and dad too  Bailee all snuggled up


Cloud is now called Clara by her mom Harriet~Maestro is now called Dustin

LaineysnowOzzie at home

Rosemary (Lainey) enjoyed the snow     Ozzie happy at home


SoffiePC Clover

Soffie loves to protect her mom, Jimi~Clover looks happy in her new home


Maui PC Bugsynsister

Maui is completely smitten with her new family~Bugsy and his new sister Delila


Little Brown is now Sugar                            Bear is now called Guinness