Sound Pet Animal Rescue
PO Box 755
Knightdale , NC 27545

  Search Successes

Keep sending in those photos ~ 


Bella (Paisley) with her brother Buddy.

 tangoPC obpc

Tango with little brother Rusty          Obie loves his new family

 practice agility

 ReaganPC       TCPC

Reagan looks comfy on her way to the beach!   TC is so handsome in his new home!

 abepc  rosiePC

Abe has the perfect new home!     Rosaleigh is now Rosalita and fits right in

 GodfreyPC Skipschair

Godfrey happy in Annapolis         Skip loves his chair in his new home


Elizawdad Jackwdad

Eliza Jane settles in with her dad                                 Jack with his dad


draculapc   cadburypc

Dracula with his brother Oscar                 Cadbury enjoying his new backyard


tag GabbyPC

Tag and his brother Petey                Gabby loves riding in the car


PippiFanta Hope2

Fanta is now named Pippi and all grown up        Hope turns 2 years old


sierramistCash Huckpc

SierraMist aka Cash looks just like her mom    Huck loves everyone & everyone loves Huck

DixonnWIll chloepc

Dixon and his best friend Will                          Chloe goes for walks twice a day



Doogie Bowzer just goes by Bowzer now   Remmi visiting her grandparents in Virginia


hannah1  Hannah2

Hannah says " You lay on me.. then I lay on you"

ChancePC  Liberty PC

 Mason now named Chance visits schools to teach      Liberty got a toy and snuggie for Christmas

pet responsiblity