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Message From: judy bass October 18, 2017
we adopted Bruiser march 30 2013. he was so sweet and we loved him very much. due to illness Bruiser left us on sept.23 2017. thank you for allowing us to adopt him . he bought us a lot of love and joy

Message From: (Private) July 29, 2015
I adopted Bailee in 2008. He's a joy to have around. He loves to be outdoors, and he sleeps with me at night (he's a bed hog some nights). he thinks he is a watch dog when the doorbell rings.

Message From: christine kikume February 14, 2015

Message From: Nancy March 7, 2013
We adoped Winnie about 2 months ago and we just love her to bits! She is cuddly, playful, and just all around sweet. She is the perfect addition to our family and we thanks for blessing us with her!

Message From: Mazie January 5, 2013
Hi everyone this is mazie, i just wanted to let you all know that i am so happy, my new mommy just loves me to death. and she tells me all the time how happy i have made her, Her friends have all come to see me and brought me gifts, whooo hoo. I have become very protective over my new mommy, to show her i Love her, i woke her up in the middle of the night when the fire alarm went off and escorted her around to make sure the house was safe. there was no fire but ya never know. I go everywhere she goes and just love it. Thank you sound pet for caring for me till my mommy find me. and hopefully in the near future we might add another addition to our 2sum, but right now she is all mines, she says i am her lil sunshine.

Message From: Dexter Gage Kubik June 21, 2012
Hey, I've been here only a week and I'm officially named Dexter Gage Kubik!!! How awesome is that!!! I am anxious to meet my new buddy human Gage (hence the middle name) he's coming to our house from Iowa to spend time with me. I am getting to know my new home, and got to go for rides and getting to go to meet my new groomer next week. Not to excited to see my new vet Dr. Henry but I hear he's very nice. Wendy, thank you, for finding me the right home. Paws Up!!! Dexter

Message From: Terri September 12, 2011
Reagan has been with me for two weeks and she already tells me wen she needs to go potty. We had our first road trip together this weekend. I bought her a booster seat for the car so that she would be able to see out and still be secure and safe. She loved the trip and we look forward to many more.

Message From: Josh July 7, 2011
Skip had his first birthday with us on the 4th. He got lots of new toys from his friends, and he recently got a new brother(cat ). Skip says that he hopes you all had a good 4th, and that not all cats are bad, just most of them.

Message From: Terri May 2, 2011
Hi! Its been almost 2 years since we adopted Vinnie and he is doing fantastic! He loves to play in our backyard with us and with his "girlfriend" Casey when she comes for a visit. He's comandeered the loveseat and runs his little kingdom from his perch. We are truly his subjects and adore every day with him. Thank you for loving him and saving him so that he could be a blessing to our family! With much affection, Terri, Jose, Vinnie & Tigger

Message From: Simon April 22, 2011
Hi, Simon here! I just want to let you all know that I'm doing great! My new family loves me and think that I'm the greatest. Even the neighbors think that I'm the cutest dog in the neighborhood. I get invited to come play next door all the time. Since I walk and play a lot I've almost lost all the weight that I needed to. I went to get weighed at the vets this week and I'm down to 22.5 pounds. In fact my new mom thought that might have gone a bit fast so I'm getting a little bit more food now. It feels good to be lighter. I'm able to move like a pup again. Thanks for saving me from the shelter, Simon PS. Mom says Thanks as well:-)